Torque Management

Some vehicle manufacturers have torque limiting software embedded in the factory  ECU map. When fitting larger aftermarket turbos and other power adding devices, the factory set torque limiter becomes a barrier to unleashing the planned power and torque from the modifications.

Eurotune's car tuning technicians are able to turn this function off in the ECU so that the benefits from the fitted aftermarket parts can be realised. If the planned power gains are significant then thought needs to be given to the transmission and gearbox driveline suitability i.e. valve body, auto clutch pack, manual clutch etc.

For reliability and drivability it’s all about matching the driveline components to the new power and torque goals. To addjust the Torque Limits costs just $395 + GST or is included for free when purchasing a Power Tune for $995 + GST. Call us today, tell us about your aspirations and we’ll help create a solution.