Exhaust Gas Recirculation - (EGR)

Our EGR services include EGR delete, clean, remove, repair and replacement of your Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. Call us today to discuss your EGR needs, and note that we can address this as part of our 4WD diesel tuning services.

Stringent emission targets set by the EU and other Governmental bodies have forced vehicle manufactures to develop new methods of improving the emissions of a vehicle. One such development is the EGR system which, whilst it does reduce the emissions of the vehicle, incorporates some compromises regarding engine efficiency and reliability.


EGR valve cleaning / blocking off EGR valve
Clear a blocked EGR Valve


By recirculating exhaust gasses back into the combustion chamber during low engine loads (typically from idle to half throttle) the valve opens and some of the already burned exhaust gases are sent back to the intake to get mixed with fresh air and are combusted for a second time. The combustion temperatures are reduced which in turn reduces the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions. Failure often occurs when the dirty exhaust gasses clog up the valve causing it to stick in the open position, when this happens the engine is starved of oxygen and becomes sluggish and inefficient, in some cases the vehicle can become almost undriveable. The EGR valves can also fail electronically when the internal motor or position sensors fail. Over time the wet burned gases layer themselves on the hot intake ports of the head and build up to significantly block the ports and reduce the engines ability to breathe. We can diagnose EGR issues as part of our car ECU tuning services

We have a range of EGR blocking, cleaning and replacement solutions starting from just $395+GST to enable:

  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Fewer Flat Spots
  • Cleaner Intake System and Engine
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs