Car Tuning

Car tuning services nationwideCar tuning is the sophisticated techinical process of remapping your car's ECU. Modern engines are managed by a complex network of interconnected components and sensors that manage everything from injector duration, injection timing, turbo boost, common rail pressure, ignition timing and the idling speed of your engineAt the heart of these complex systems sits the ECU or engine control unit; a palm-sized metal box that contains the software programme (map) that tells your engine how to behave in response to inputs from the numerous sensors in your vehicle.

When vehicle manufacturers ship new cars, they typically load the ECUs with conservative maps to ensure their vehicles perform in a variety of very different environments. For example; Mercedes Benz need to ensure their latest released E-Class works equally well on the fast Autobahns in Germany, the slow congested roads in India, the winding subtropical foothills in Thailand, the extreme conditions in the Middle East, the ice and cold conditions in Finland, the widely varying conditions in the USA, but also in the moderate conditions and roads across Australia and New Zealand.

Manufacturers must also make provision in their ECU tunes for customers who won’t service their vehicles regularly, and for countries that have lower quality fuel. It’s easy to see that compromises need to be made in order to cater for such a wide range of conditions - which is why the OEM factories need to restrict performance and impose limitations on engine capabilities.


Car ECU mapping for performanceBy creating a new map and reprogramming your ECU for local conditions, our car tuning services unlock your engine’s full safe potential – adjusting settings to unlock previously inaccessible reserves of power, torque, engine response, and in some cases improve fuel economy to enable your vehicle to perform as well as it possibly can. We can tune most modern cars fitted with fuel injection across three categories.

Normally Aspirated - these will typically produce modest gains of between 4-8% as we can only adjust fuel and ignition timing. For those wanting the ultimate out of their stock engine we are happy to tune, but to get decent gains modifications to the compression ratio, camshafts and head are necessary.

Supercharged - decent gains of 5-15% are available from these engines depending on the level of tune that it comes with from the factory.

Turbocharged – this is where we can extract really good gains in Power, Torque, Response and often we can save fuel assuming that driving style remains the same as before the tune. Typical gains are 20-35% depending on the vehicle. This applies to both petrol and diesel powered vehicles with diesels typically seeing the biggest increase in low down torque.


Car tuning by specialistsCheck out the gains that Eurotune can typically achieve from your car HERE.

Our car tuning modifications to the ECU parameters have been developed right here in New Zealand on a dyno. This enables us to take into account New Zealand specification vehicles, local fuel quality and typical terrain to provide the best blend of performance improvements. i.e. More PowerMore Torque – More Response – Less Fuel...just $995+GST

Advanced Car Tuning

Torque Management

Some vehicle manufacturers have torque limiting software embedded in the factory ECU map. When fitting larger aftermarket turbos and other power adding devices, the factory set torque limiter becomes a barrier to unleashing the planned power and torque from the modifications. Eurotune car tuning technicians are able to turn this function off in the ECU so that the benefits from the fitted aftermarket parts can be realised. If the planned power gains are significant then thought needs to be given to the transmission and gearbox driveline suitability i.e. valve body, auto clutch pack, manual clutch etc. For reliability and drivability it’s all about matching the driveline components to the new power and torque goals. Just $395+GST or included at no extra charge when purchasing a tune at $995+GST.

ECU remaps for cars and SUVsData Trouble Codes (DTC) Off

Sometimes the factory ECU sees things that it is not expecting from various componets fitted to the engine. As a result it will log a code with in the factory ECU and often display a "check engine" light on the vehicle dash board with the vehicle being put in "limp home mode" if the code is a serious issue. Once the issue has been rectified we can turn the "Check Engine" light off on the dash and remove the code from the factory ECU for just $395+GST or it is included at no extra change when purchasing a tune at $995+GST.

Launch Control

For customers with sports or high performance vehicles who go to the drag strip a few times per year, or do a bit or racing from traffic light to traffic light (keeping to the speed limit of course) we are able to setup the ECU of many European cars to provide a higher RPM launch mode for exhilarating push you in the back acceleration off the line. Just $395+GST or incuded at no extra charge when ordering a tune at $995+GST.

Pops and Bangs On

You’ve heard them before – the cackling, popping and banging of a performance vehicle’s exhaust on deceleration. Its sometimes called a deceleration map, crackle map, anti-lag system, popcorn, exhaust crackle, pop on overrun, exhaust overrun to name a few.

dyno-based ECU maps for New Zealand SUV and car tuningHaving a turbo is not a requirement for pops and bangs, since the most important segments are the delays in ignition and fuel cut-off. The only difference between cars with and without a turbo is that turbocharged cars will benefit from the anti-lag feature i.e. boost will be there as soon as you put your foot back on the accelerator as the turbo is still spooled up. Yes; we can do this when tuning Diesel vehicles also. Just $395+GST or included at no extra charge when ordering a tune at $995+GST

Speed Limiter Off

Most modern vehicles are fitted with Speed Limiters embedded in the software for safety reasons. That being said, some customers take their vehicles to the race track be it circuit racing or drag racing. On the race track drivers want to be able use every bit of speed available but often find themselves hitting the factory imposed speed limiter. Eurotune are able to remove the speed limiting software to unleash the maximum performance on the track. Just $395+GST or incuded at no extra charge when ordering a tune at $995+GST.

Start Stop Off

This function is now fitted on many modern vehicles – you pull up to the traffic lights, put your foot on the brake and the engine stops. Once you release the brake the engine kicks back into life and you’re off again. For those who do a lot of city and stop start driving, this can become annoying, and it puts unnecessary strain and prematurely wears the battery and starter motor. Yes you can turn this function off yourself in most vehicles, however you need to keep turning it off every time you insert the key or start a new journey which can be tiresome. At Eurotune we can turn the Start/Stop Off permanently so that the only time your engine turns off is when you turn it off. Just $395+GST.

We tune and remap most brands of Cars and SUVs – Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Nissan, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and many others.

We are continually developing tunes for new vehicles as the manufacturers launch them. If you’d like to see the performance that Eurotune car tuning can unleash from your vehicle, just click on the MY VEHICLE button below.