ECU Power Tune Maps

Tune for power to unleash the available power and torque on standard and modified vehicles whilst maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability and original service levels. ECU Power tune remaps are developed in New Zealand to tune for power on Cars, 4x4, Utes, Vans & Motorhomes. Increased power improves your driving experience.

The Power and Torque gains range from 5% to 35% depending on whether the vehicle is normally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged, the level of tune originally delivered from the manufacturer, the amount of headroom in the turbo/injectors, and the robustness of the engine/driveline as delivered from the factory. Eurotune car tuning / ECU remapping provides the ultimate power tunes for standard and modified vehicles which often also provide up to 10% fuel savings in diesel turbocharged applications depending on driving style. ECU power remaps are priced at just $995+GST