Motorhome Tuning

Motorhome tuning servicesWe provide motorhome tuning services for power improvement and towing. Modern engines like Fiat Ducato, Iveco, Mercedes Sprinter etc are managed by a complex network of interconnected components and sensors that manage everything from injector duration, injection timing, turbo boost, common rail pressure, ignition timing and the idling speed of your engine.

At the heart of these complex systems sits the ECU or engine control unit; a palm-sized metal box that contains the software programme (map) that tells your engine how to behave in response to inputs from the numerous sensors in your vehicle.

When vehicle manufacturers ship new Motorhomes, they typically load the ECUs with conservative maps to ensure their vehicles perform in a variety of very different environments. For example; Fiat need to ensure their Ducato Motorhome engine works equally well on the fast Autobahns in Germany, cruising the Fiords in Norway, climbing the winding trails in South America, meandering along the Pacific Coast highway in California, navigating subtropical roads in Asia, battling the freezing cold conditions in Finland , hitting the hot outback trails in Northern Australia, and ascending the mountains in wet and windy New Zealand.

Manufacturers must also make provision in their motorhome tuning for countries that have lower quality and variable octane fuel. It’s easy to see that compromises need to be made in order to cater for such a wide range of conditions - which is why the OEM factories need to restrict performance and impose limitations on engine capabilities.

By creating a new map and reprogramming your motorhome ECU for New Zealand conditions, we can unlock your engine’s full safe potential – adjusting settings to unleash previously inaccessible reserves of power, torque, engine response, and in some cases improve fuel economy to enable your Motorhome to perform as well as it possibly can. We can tune most modern Motorhomes that are Turbocharged and have Common Rail Diesel injection systems.


Motorhome ECU remappingPower Tune – the perfect tune for those who run their Motorhome with medium loads and just want to be able to keep up with the traffic on the hills and cruise on the open roads at legal speed limits. We get excellent gains in Power, Torque, Response and often can improve fuel consumption assuming that driving style remains the same. Typical Power and Torque gains are 25-30% depending on the vehicle; and there’s better engine response. Check out the Power and Torque gains that Eurotune can typically achieve with your Motorhome by clicking HERE. Just $995+GST 

Towing Tune – if you usually have a fully laden Motorhome and pull a small car behind as well, then our Towing Map is the right tune for you. These tunes are designed to ensure that your engine will be protected in maximum load tough conditions. You can expect 20-25% more Power and Torque which makes a huge difference on the hills and will help reduce the vehicles behind you getting impatient because you can now drive at the approved speed limit. Just $995+GST

Our modifications to motothome ECU mapping have been developed in Aotearoa, by Kiwis, and on a dyno. This enables us to take into account Australia/New Zealand spec. vehicles, our NZ fuel quality and typical terrain to provide the best blend of performance improvements. i.e. More Power – More Torque – More Response – Less Fuel

We provide Motorhome ECU remapping services for brands such as e.g. Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, and Volkswagen and are continually developing tunes for new vehicles as the manufacturers launch them. If you’d like to see the performance that Eurotune we can unleash from your Motorhome just click on the MY VEHICLE button below.