Economy Tune

ECU Economy Tune Maps

For turbocharged diesel engines we are able to tune these for economy, which given the price for diesel now means savings for the household budget. We acheive this via tuning the boost, injector timing, injector duration and rail pressue to bring the torque on at a lower rpm which means the acelerator doent need to pushed as hard to get moving and maintain momentum. The combination of the parameters we change improves the fuel combustion rate thereby extracting more power and torque from every litre of diesel. This in turn reduces fuel consumption on standard vehicles whilst maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability and original service levels. Eurotune Economy remaps are developed in New Zealand for Diesel turbocharged Cars, 4x4, Utes, Vans & Motorhomes. 

Eurotune car tuning / ECU remapping provides the best Economy tunes for standard vehicles showing up to 15% fuel savings in diesel turbocharged applications depending on driving style. ECU Economy remaps are priced at just $995+GST