Throttle Controllers

What is a Throttle Controller?

ECU-SHOP Throttle Response Controllers are an electronic device that enable complete control over the responsiveness of your engine. It does this by modifying the electronic signal coming from the drive-by-wire accelerator pedal to provide a sharper or duller throttle map curve depending on which setting has been selected. The ECU-SHOP Boost Speed Next V2 is New Zealand's best-featured Throttle Controller with 14 Steps of response that you can select from with the industry leading Mobile App or the Dash mounted controller. You can change settings on the go and they are a 5-10 minute DIY installation that anyone can perform without specialist knowledge, any tools or wiring. 

Our Boost Speed Next V2 has the best and widest range of unique features of any Throttle Controller brand in the New Zealand market. However; they aren't the most expensive controller in the market - meaning ECU SHOP Throttle Controllers provide excellent value for money! There are a couple of exclusive features that no other Throttle Controller brand provides:

Winch Mode: For the serious 4x4 off roaders. Makes winching a breeze with engine RPMincrease and hold from outside the vehicle to incease the output from the alternator or increase oil pressure to improve winching perfomance. Also usfeul for jump starting other vehicles.
Ramble Idle: Allows you to custom design your own engine sound at idle. From a lumpy cam sound to a short brap brap sound  - all done via one finger on the mobile app with a drag and drop cursor. Simple - Easy - Unique & Fun. You can set the timer for the Ramble Idle to come on immediately you stop, 5 seconds or 10 seconds after you stop, with the feature switching off automatically as soon as you move off from idle. Naturally the Ramble Idle feature can be turned off in in just a few seconds if its not to your taste. 

Throttle Response Tuning +

  • PLUG & PLAY Installation 
  • MOBILE APP & DASH MOUNTED controllers
  • RESPONSE mode 14 Steps + OEM setting   
  • ECONOMY mode for saving fuel
  • ANTI SLIP mode for off road
  • ANTI THEFT mode acts as a vehicle disabler
  • RAMBLE IDLE mode tuning via the Mobile App
  • WINCH MODE increases & holds idle spped via Mobile App
  • Change between settings and modes on the go
  • Models available for most drive-by-wire petrol and diesel vehicles 

At just $399 including GST & Overnight Shipping; they represent excellent value for money.

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