Why should I choose Eurotune over other options in the market

Eurotune remap files and tunes have been developed in New Zealand, by talented and experienced New Zealand tuners on a dyno, on Aus/NZ spec vehicles using New Zealand fuel and set up for NZ climate conditions. We don't buy tunes off Ebay, Alibaba (or the likes) as some of our competitors do, and we don't buy tunes from China, India or other copy/paste cheap cheap suppliers. Eurotune dealers have real premises (not operating out of the back of their car or ute) have real employees and are trusted in their local community. If you have questions about our car tuning or  ECU remapping, or in the unlikely event of an issue there is always some local for you to talk to. Eurotune remaps have been developed for a reliable and enjoyable driving experience through the smooth delivery of More Power - More Torque - More Response and Less Fuel.

Will a Eurotune remap affect the reliability of my engine and driveline.

The power that an engine outputs doesn't necessarily affect reliability.  Just as manufacturers use common platforms for cars e.g Just as VW use a Good-Better-Best approach across three of their brands "Skoda -Volkswagen-Audi"; they use one chassis, engine and running gear on competing models across the three brands to minimise costs. Manufacturers will usually offer one engine in at least two and often three levels of Power increase and Torque output with the difference being the tune in the ECU mapping. The same "multi power levels from one powerplant" strategy is employed by most Truck, Tractor, Outboard Engine and Jet Ski manufacturers. The key drivers of engine reliability are how the vehicle is driven and whether the owner adheres to the manufacturers maintenance schedule. Eurotune always tunes to safe levels to ensure long term reliability whilst enhancing drivability and enjoyment.

Can my ECU be returned to the Manufacturer's specification in the future

Yes the ECU can be returned to the factory settings at any time in the future. This can be done with a factory ECU reset  by the Eurotune dealer the tune was purchased from for a modest fee to cover the time involved  

Will my OEM brand dealer be able to tell that I have had my ECU remapped

The answer is "it depends". Some OEM dealers in small towns may not have sophisticated software to detect this, but in the main the answer is Yes, they will be able to see you have had your vehicle remapped. If you are using an OEM dealer for servicing, if you don't inform them and they upgrade the ECU software to the latest OEM version, your car ECU remap will be overwritten.

Will a remap affect my manufacturer's warranty

Each manufacturer has a different warranty so you will need to read the fine print to check. However, for the most part the answer is "anything you do to your vehicle (such as ECU remapping) that is not OEM standard will void their warranty. 

Will a remap affect my insurance

Each insurance company has a different policy to tuning modifications. You are advised to check with your insurance company to understand if an ECU remap will affect your policy. 

What does a Eurotune remap cost

We offer many services through our dealer network and the commerce commision along with anti competition laws prevent us from fixing and or dictating price. That being said, our ECU Remaps have an RRP of $995+GST. Some advanced vehicle tuning services like turning off Torque Management, Speed limiter, DPF, EGR delete etc in the ECU, are included at no extra charge when ordering a Remap. Please check with your local Eurotune dealer HERE 

What do Eurotune Emission Solutions cost?

It depends on whether your vehicle's emission component i.e. DPF, EGR, NoX sensor, Adblue unit etc

needs repairing, removal and replacing; or simply an electronic deletion. Remapping the ECU to simply turn off the component and prevent any check lights coming on, and the vehicle from going into limp mode is $395+GST. If there is physical work needed to actually remove the component, then this is charged in addition at normal workshop labour rates. Alternatively, faulty components can be removed and replaced at competitive market rates. Call your local Eurotune dealer for a comprehensive quote on your vehicle emission solution needs.

Do I need to obtain a Low Volume Vehicle Certificate if I get my vehicle tuned?

If your engine is tuned to output more than 20% of the power it produced when it left the OEM Factory, then an LVV certificate is required by law as per the article HERE. Given our "Towing Tunes" deliver approximately 20% more power, if you want to abide by the law and not obtain a LVV certificate, then a Towing Tune rather than a Power Tune is what needs to be ordered. This answer was correct at the time of writing however transport rules and regulations are constantly changing so it is best to check with the relevant Government authority if you reqire the latest information before getting your vehicle tuned.